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IP telephony for the needs of companies

In a period in which technology offers, at every level, advanced solutions which improve human and industrial activities, IP telephony allows you to innovate and improve one of the most important resources of a company, the telephone system.

IP telephony has to be distinguished from the simple possibility of using the Internet for phoning because it is something much more complex and advanced. IP telephony is, in fact, a technology which offers the convergence of the company telephone system on data system.




The integration between the data system and the company telephone system offers products and services which are impossible and unrealizable with traditional telephony and switchboards and which are able to meet the new needs of companies:

-       Need for efficiency and saving

-       Need for new technological solutions in order to differentiate from competition

-       Need for an ever growing attention to the customer care

      -     Need for flexibility and rapidity

IP telephony offers innovative technological solutions that meet the following needs:

-       Integration of the telephone system with the company data, the CRM or the managers

-       Flexible and computerized IVR automatic responders

-       Recording of calls with a simple click, or recording of all the calls 24 hours a day

-       Computerized management of entry and exit calls for operators

-       Solutions which offer the sharing of information during the communications among the different seats

-       Free calls, among remote seats, through the Internet. These are managed in an efficient way and without changing the user’s habits

-       Transparent management of traditional lines and of the new VolP lines   


sistema voispeed

Centralino Voip BasicOne Building Automation

What VOIspeed is

VOIspeed is an IP telephony technology which allows you to implement advanced and flexiblle solutions for every kind of need and company.

VOIspeed has a client-server structure for transporting and exchanging several media such as, voice, text and video among local and geographical systems.




The server is the communication platform which can be used as a simple IP switchboard or it can be integrated with the most sophisticated company CRM by offering the user and its customers services which were unthinkable:

-       Web communication among switchboards with sharing of services (internal status, forwarding call, etc.)

-       Integration with DB, CRM and centralized electronic diaries

-       Automatic responder without limits of choices. This is integrated with a database for advanced services for the customer (with introduction of access codes, etc.)

-       Transparent management of traditional lines and VolP lines  

-       Recording and filing of all the calls

The “client” is the user’s “IP telephone”. This is installed on a very simple PC and, thanks to its software nature, it offers some functions that any other hardware telephone is not able to give:

-       Recording of a call with a simple click

-       Illimited number of internal status

-       Conference without limits of participants

-       Illimited queue of calls

-       Integration with electronic diaries, DB and CRM

-       Management of calls (forward, answer) with a simple click

 The “client” is, therefore, the best solution for all the company users since its functions increase the efficiency and productivity of the user and, above all, of the telephone operator.