Web sites and e-commerce systems



Each Web project is implemented according to the specific requirements of the company, by planning, together with the Customer, an accurate communication strategy and precise marketing aims.   
The main activities and services for the development of a complete Internet project are illustrated below. The project is structured according to the work methodology generally used which is divided into the following phases:

 1.    Acquisition of information about the company. We ask questions in order to understand:

·         the company mission

·         commercial and technological plus of the company     

·         the existing communication strategy

·         the company aims on the Internet

2. Defining the guidelines of the project through:

·         verification of technical feasibility

·         specific marketing ideas

·         verification of the company budget

·         activation of the Internet connection

·         choice of site location (hosting, housing or server in the company)

·         registration of the Internet domain name 

3. Drafting a work plan by defining work times of the phases which follow the preliminary advice

·         support in defining the company professional figures involved in the web project management

·         advice during the drafting of the communication strategic plan

·         analysis of the competitors sites and their activity on the Internet

·         support in selecting the contents of the site

4. Preliminary implementation

·         development of a site prototype

·         refining the prototype of the complete implementation of the site

·         personalized graphic and creative project in line with communication aims and coherent with the company image

·         coordination and control of the material of the site (texts and images)

·         digital processing of texts and images to use

·         styles definition: layout, file names, graphic formats, fonts, html version, code format

·         implementation of the site according to agreed specifications

·         on-line activation of the site just completed

·         supply of the complete sources of the site (HTML and graphics)

6. Quality control

·         verifying if the company aims are reached

·         multiplatform functional tests

·         verifying if the material provided is suitable

7. Additional functions and services

·         periodical analysis of the accesses to the site

·         implementation of interactive functions: newsletter, discussion forum, etc.

·         registration on the main search engines with the certainty of good positioning results

·         insertion on directory, announcement services and suitable newsgroup

·         advertising e-mail activity through mailing list and promotional e-mail

·         planning banner campaigns and segmented sponsorship according to the reference target

·         development of on-line public relation activity for the creation of mutual links 

8. Site advertising on other media together with other advertising campaigns of the company

·         drafting and distribution of press releases in Italy and all over the world

·         integration of the project in the company

·         planning of updating (material and frequency)

·         marketing exploitation (customer service, information from and to customers)

·         personalized solutions in order to improve the productivity through the Internet

9. Training course

·         complete course on email

·         complete course on “netsurfing” particularly focused on research functions

·         course on the use of software for the website updating

·         web marketing advice


 10. Development of the site

·         periodical updating

·         project evolution (enlargement, new functions)

·         warranty and other services

·         technical and commercial support in the relation with a provider for the Internet connection

·         support and assistance via telephone or email and, if requested, even to the Customer

·         free corrections for possible orthographic errors

·         certainty of the site performances (defining a maximum loading time)

·         possibility of defining highly-rated projects in relation with specific quantitative aims


The cost for the implementation of a web site changes according to the kind of project. A precise evaluation can be made only after a detailed analysis of the company aims, by suggesting of considering as part of the web project not only the graphic implementation of the site, but also a suitable advertising campaign.   

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