IT Solutions is able to provide with complete solutions for the catering management with the following main features:



         Cash management, over-the-counter sale and takeaway

         Booking and banquets management

         Tables management

         Orders and accounts management

         Billbook suppliers management

         Sales statistics

         Banks management

         Storehouse management

         Staff management



Easy Food, thanks to a wireless PDA or a touch screen monitor, allows you to forward the customerís order by simply touching the display screen. Orders are immediately printed where they are prepared and, then, automatically charged to the tableís bill.

If you are accustomed to use an old cash register, you will find Easy Food very easy to use.

Our PDAs allow you to insert any menu variation, to facilitate the control of the order and to integrate or change orders that have already been filled. Moreover, Easy Food deals with separate accounts, particular discounts, conventions and payments by meal vouchers.