IT Solutions is able to design and implement generic wiring systems according to 11801, EN50173, CEI 303-14 ISO/IEC rules for the distribution of voice/video/data signals within buildings and plants by using copper cables UTP (not shielded), FTP (shielded), SFTP (with double shield).

The main activities and services for a structured wiring project are illustrated below. Work methodology is generally divided into the following phases: Design and implementation

If a structured wiring system is well designed and implemented, it represents the physical infrastructure able to provide with an integrated solution for the connection of sound, data and images equipment on a single kind of transmission media. 

The main features and advantages are known and proved by now:

An absolute compatibility with transmission protocols.
An absolute independence from the physical features of the equipment.

An extreme flexibility deriving from the possibility of connecting any single access point of the network with the equipment for data, sounds and images management.

The possibility of verifying at any time and in a sure way the features and performances of the system since the materials and the modalities of installation have to respond to particolar EIA/TIA international standards 5E/6 and ISO/IEC category, D/E class.

These features allow a structured wiring system to become an investment whose value is protected over time thanks to extremely low maintenance costs. and tests

In order to obtain the best advantages from a structured wiring system it is important that the materials used are certified, that the operation is carried out according to particular standards and that the supplier is able to issue a certification containing the tests which are provided for by the Italian legal system and which are carried out with a suitable device. 

IT Solutions executes the tests provided for by the current standards and issues a certification of the whole structured wiring system.