IT Solutions aims at becoming a partner for the solution of logistic and organizational problems which are not solved by standard software. In the company there is an ever-growing need for optimizing work by making it rapid and dynamic, in order to obtain a greater productivity.

Since each company has its schemes and its work systems, being able to automate them by giving them greater stability and efficiency can be a winning turning point. 

Our company is able to develop personalized software, our aim is to meet all your requirements by analysing your problems and converting them into reliable work tools. 

Moreover, we also offer our support for using at best every available tool in order to constantly improve your work.



A common feature of the companies which produce high-quality software is the process defining and the use of procedures that guide the project activities from the beginning.

The essential requirement is the precise definition of the problem to solve; the focus is on its description without thinking about a possible solution.

The problem is defined from the user’s point of view and in his language, by clarifying concepts and definitions without using many technical terms.

According to the requirements it is the user to decide the software functions, therefore, without an accurate analysis of the requirements specific aims of the problem could be neglected.

In order to assure their achievement a first general analysis and a feasibility study are carried out so as to:

define the possible alternatives, justify the choices, estimate times and costs.



The quality of the structure determines the system conceptual integrity and, therefore, also its quality, by simplifying the construction.

The main modules are defined: each function described by the requirements has to be implemented by at least a module and if it involves more modules, they have to cooperate among them without conflict.

The software development process is a learning process for both the programmer and the user:

the structure has to be flexible so as to accept changes without too many difficulties.

The user interface aims at simplifying the operator activity.

It is important that the interface is planned and implemented according to specific usability rules, by creating a useful tool that allows the user to use the software intuitively, optimizing execution times.

The project is based on the definition of the problem which is broken down into ever smaller units in top-down modality and then reassembled in bottom-up modality by using very clear and specific modules or by identifying the abstract objects and by aggregating them into groups in the case of object-oriented projects.    

 During this phase, therefore, many choices are made. Some of these will directly affect the development phase, however, they will be made according to customer requirements: database (SQL, Server, XML), development language (ASP.Net, Java, Visual Basic, C#)




Either we implement a complex client-server software or a simple utility for offices, in both cases our strong points are always:


Simplicity: we take care of any detail of the functioning procedures and of the interfaces so as to maximize efficiency and usability.

Testing: the development phase is useless if it is not followed by an adequately long period of testing of the software in which this is subjected to any possible critical condition.

 Personalization: the software has to do exactly what the Customer expects.

It is for this reason that our creations are always “tailor-made” for Customers.

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