Innovative systems for the management of passages and access authorizations

Lettore di badge RFID Honeywell

This is a kind of system which allows people and/or vehicles to enter or leave given areas or rooms. Access control systems allow you to control the access to an area according to:

  • the features of who wants to enter (for example: staff, visitor, motor vehicle)

  • the date and time in which the access has been  requested

In order to limit the accesses electrical locks, bars, turnstiles and compasses are used.

The possible users of these systems are: companies, sports centres, hotels, public places, hospitals, banks, stadiums, parking areas, etc…

Structures of the system

The structures of access control systems can be very different according to the number of areas to manage

  Example of a simple structure of an access control system which can control up to 4 areas:  

Schema controllo accessi con lettori di badge e postazione di supervisione locale

      Example of a complex structure of an access control system with many zones distributed on different geographical areas connected  VPN:

Schema controllo accessi con badge di ingresso e uscita, lettori, ecc.

  Example of an access control system with remote supervision connected via modem (typical TLC structure):

·           Schema controllo accessi con postazione di supervisione remota